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    Resources to help you hire better

    5 Advantages of JobStreet Ads | JobStreet Employer PH

    Video: 5 advantages of a JobStreet job ad

    Not all job ads are created equal. JobStreet has richer job ads that have all the information candidates look for in a career opportunity, making sure you attract serious candidates who want to work for an SME like you.

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    5 Ways of JobStreet Works For SMEs | JobStreet Employer PH

    Video: 5 ways JobStreet can assist SMEs

    Why should the business owner or HR Manager of a small and medium-sized company use JobStreet?

    Meet Ben, a cake shop owner who is looking to fill a vacancy. Watch the video to find out how he finds the best candidate for his post.

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    SMEs Boost Employee | JobStreet PH

    5 ways for SMEs to boost employee engagement

    SMEs are the engine of growth and innovation in the country. It’s become more important than ever to prioritize employee engagement in these emerging businesses to keep their employees happy and more productive. Here are some tips to create a great workplace.

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    What are SME users saying about JobStreet?

    The SME recruitment that wins talents

    Getting your SME talent recruitment strategies right is ever so rewarding so your small business grows and remains competitive. Maintain dominance over your competitors by partnering with JobStreet, the most popular employment marketplace on the web and the most trusted talent source for SME’s in the Philippines. Take advantage of JobStreet’s resources and competitive hiring solution plans and packages.

    Join more than 22,000 employers who are transforming the way the world does recruitment. You’ll be able to find top-notched applicants from a database of 7 million applicants waiting to find you with their candidate profiles. We provide staffing solutions that help streamline the hiring systems that you have in place.

    For every small business or start-up hiring needs you have, our total talent sourcing solution gets you the best-matched candidates. Check out our SME talent acquisition guides and SME hiring trends. It starts with a click!

    Your SME recruiter: From zero to hero

    JobStreet.com Philippines is the easiest place to start. Our experts understand that harnessing the power of people when you recruit for your small business or start-up is one of your top priorities. Here at JobStreet we can make that happen.

    We have one of the most engaging and easy-to-use job portals on the web in Asia for SME businesses. We provide great local service centered on local presence, knowledge and insights, proactive customer service and training. Over 22,000 employers have trusted our market insights, global strength and local services as the primary channel to source for high-calibre talents, and 7 million candidates have trusted us with their talent profiles.

    Leverage from our total talent sourcing solution from posting job ads to reaching out to relevant passive candidates and employer branding services. We are committed to help ease your recruitment journey. Achieve recruiting success faster with us. Your next hire is right here!

    Get better SME hiring results

    Whether you need to quickly build your expanding start-up’s talent pipeline, or find more diversified skill sets for new positions, JobStreet.com Philippines is the right partner for you. Take advantage of our innovative and user-friendly SiVA Recruitment Centre to manage your talent pool. The integrated sourcing feature, filtering function, and easy-to-use management tool allow you to hire effortlessly and save time.

    Accelerate your recruitment process via our rich features on the integrated sourcing platform, which allows you to perform dual-function – posting job ads and conduct talent search simultaneously. The filtering function gives hirers a list of relevant candidates recommendation instantly, saving time and effort in searching for the right talent.

    For a quicker and smoother recruitment processing, the easy-to-use management tool provides HR the ability to collaborate with other internal hirers in screening and hiring talent.

    Make your employer branding shine

    Competing for top candidates is very challenging for small business hiring. Why not partner with JobStreet.com Philippines? We are geared for the challenge to help your brand stands out to the best candidates via our SME recruitment ads and employer branding services. We make sure that you get great first impression with our branding solutions centred on your SME company profile, ratings, and reviews. We have proactive customer service and SME-related training to help you increase your odds of hiring the most qualified candidates.

    Having a good employer branding will attract top talents and retain top employees. JobStreet Philippines strives to provide stellar employer branding services to reach out to applicants. That’s because we believe in the power of effective messaging that attracts candidates’ attention. Impress your prospective candidates with our multiple media channel offerings that include display advertising, company reviews, company profiles, career microsite page, standout listing, and targeted emails to communicate your message.

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