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    Manage All Job Listings Under One Page | JobStreet Employer PH
    Header Image and Logo Icon | JobStreet Employer PH Career microsite page

    Create a customised job listing site to enhance your talent sourcing campaigns.

    Header Image and Logo Icon | JobStreet Employer PH Here are the advantages of having a customised job listing site
    1. Ease your hiring needs
      Consolidate all your recruitment campaigns in one place and ensure you do not miss out on top talent. Manage it with a powerful recruitment management system.
    2. Cost efficient talent bank
      Low start-up and maintenance cost with a 24/7 Resume Depository to build your own talent bank.
    3. Elevate branding
      Seamlessly embed the career microsite into your corporate website to ensure uniform corporate branding.

    What to feature?
    All job advertisements and listings.

    How it works?
    Have your own career page with a dedicated URL that features all job advertisements from your company.

    Need Help?